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Riya Edlen


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PostSubject: Start a Fire    Mon Jul 21, 2014 11:17 pm

Riya Edlen sat on the rocks watching the graceful swans with their heads dipped swim beside each other. She moved her feet back and forth in the turquoise waters, watching the different colours swirl around her ankles. She had her usual long, white dress pulled up to her knees, and a few feathers sat beside her. Riya had collected those long feathers on her way to Araxie – her favourite river. It wasn’t a large one compared to some of the more popular ones in The North. And it wasn’t anything compared to the Pool of Healing.

Riya leaned back on her hands, watching the two birds drift down the river. This was the season to enjoy the waters, the bright sun, and the swans that came here for these wonderful days. Soon, the waters would set and freeze together. The land would change for a while, but her people would remain the same.

The Unshaken were kind and loyal people. They were unaffected by the changes in their lands.

Closing her eyes, Riya repeated her nation’s Loyal Code in her mind:

Let the waters guide you
for they will lead you home.
Let our hands caress you
for they will heal you.
Let the ice stable you
for it will keep you strong.
You will never be unshaken
for your heart will float
with the Spirits of the waters.

They took basic schooling when they were young and then had to choose their occupation to help their nation thrive: Healer (one who heals others), Whisperer (one who learns everything about the past and water spirits, and passes that knowledge on to others in their basic schooling), and Floater (one who explores the vast land filled with unique waters and ice fields). Lots of the citizens chose the position of Healer because it is a rewarding task. At 17 years of age, Riya was almost finished her schooling and would have to choose a position. She was unsure about what position would suit her best. She felt like she needed something more than any of those three.

Sighing, Riya sat up and looked down into the calm waters, staring at her own refection. Dark lashes framed green eyes. Her high cheekbones carved her face, and long, brown hair fell past her shoulders. Her white dress hung off one shoulder, and she wore a small, black necklace made by her sister.

She sticks a hand in the water, allowing the blue to dance around her fingers and disrupt her image.

“I will have to choose some occupation,” Riya mutters, “but I need something more.”

An endless loop – that’s all it is. A circle where one leaves basic schooling with the Whisperers and chooses their own path. They will do their occupation for the rest of their life, knowing that it will help their Nation. The Spirits will guide their way.

Riya couldn’t do that. She couldn’t stick to one thing.

She needed something more. She needed to go someplace different.

But where?
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Start a Fire
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